01-18-2017 - Clippers vs Rockets: Tactical Espionage Action

January 18, 2018

I discuss the Clippers/Rockets confrontation at length.  I also talk about some other basketball fights.  Like always, I cover team of the week, and manage to fumble through coming up with an embarrassing team.  Non-basketball this week is Amazing Race.


01-11-2017 Lou Williams, Lavar Ball & The Orlando Magic - The Three Ls

January 11, 2018

I discuss the Lavar controversey, Draymond vs Refs and run down the Magic.  I also chat about college football at the end.  


01-03-2017 - A Slow But Typical New Year

January 3, 2018

IT's return to Injury, Harden's visit to Injury


12-20-2017 - The NBA Holiday Chillout

December 20, 2017

There are games, but, the players are thinking about something else.  Oh, maybe the Christmas games will have some fireworks, but honestly, the players probably will be pretty chill for that game too.  Maybe you should chill as well.

Of course, a team of the week and most embarrassing team are named,b ut just barely.  Non-basketball moment is chat about The Last Jedi, as you might have guessed. 


12-12-2017 Whi Ball, Whi?

December 12, 2017

Kawhi returns, the Balls leave (and I can't believe I'm defending Lavar Ball).


11-29-2017 - Take that for Unemployment Data

November 29, 2017

Rose is back . . . home.  Injuries abound.  The Cavs are good again.  The Bulls are embarrassing.


11-22-2017 - U Mad

November 22, 2017

Lavar Ball is feuding with Trump, the Celtics are winning a lot of games, the Clippers are losing a lot of games, Marc Cuban sucks and Kevin Durant's not mad, ur mad.  


11-12-17 - LiAngelo Ball leads the Family In Steals

November 13, 2017

CW: Mention of death at the end of the podcast.

Anyway, Eric Bledsoe trade, LiAngelo in trouble in China.  


Team of the week: Celtics

No team was that Embarrassing. 


11-05-2017 Cavs are as Bad as the Audio Quality of this Podcast

November 5, 2017

Sorry, tried out something new while recording, it wasn't great.

Cavs are worse than I expected, Magic are better.  Will any of this last?  

Also give a final review of Apache National Forest.  


10-26-2017 - Blood & Sun

October 26, 2017

NBA Week 1 and 2 features some apologies to the Grizzlies, sad thoughts on injuries, deserved shade on the Suns and shout outs to Blade Runner.


Team of the week: Clippers

Embarrasing Team: Suns